I’m Veronica Ashley-Reid, 200 Hour Yoga Certified and Trauma-Focused teacher and founder of Autonomous Growth and Cultured Retreats. After more than a decade of managing millions of dollars for the U.S. Army Chaplains funds, coordinating and executing healing retreats, and helping support different units’ and service branches’ religious needs,I saw the need for change. I experienced a burning desire to learn and live more freely, and today I strive to create safe spaces and growth tools that other people can implement themselves. I believe that financial growth through livable solutions and action plans are vitally connected and that the inner healing work that happens through yoga is a powerful conduit for sustainable, successful living and learning.  Our team works primarily with veterans, women, and young adults looking to transition out of the military and into a healthier lifestyle that includes healthy self-directed skills like entrepreneurship. Browse our site to learn more about our Veterans Transition Program, Youth & Adult Business Growth Coaching, retreats and travel experiences, and spaces to heal through purpose-driven yoga.