Built2Build Partnerships Retreat

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The traditional idea of retreats usually brings images of women doing yoga or gathering around campfires with people you may not even know. Well, we are here mixing it up a bit — we are changing the retreat game by bringing our community experiences that give you complete control and opportunities to indulge in ACTIVITIES YOU ENJOY with an intimate safe group. 

Our Retreat Yourself Experience— Built2Build Edition is designed and centered around inner development, leading to a better expression of boundaries, intentions, and needs. Whether you desire a more substantial connection as a parent, romantic partner, business partner, or any other type of collaborative relationship, our experience is tailored to create that shift, starting with you. 

Every activity will help you build self-trust, relax and reflect, or simply unwind. We take our time to reconnect with ourselves, first, then those outer relationships with activities that will require you to work through some fears, trust more, and clarify how supportive actions are for each individual. This is a retreat for you and your tribe!  

DATE: October 21-25, 2021 

LOCATION: Montego Bay, Jamaica 

LEADING HOST: Veronica Ashley-Reid 

*** This is an international experience. A valid passport is required for all attendees, including children of all ages. We will keep you updated on all COVID-19 related travel requirements and changes. 

Deposits Required to Register — A minimum deposit of 25% is required at registration & will be subtracted from your balance.

  • $437.50 one adult 
  • $687.50 two adults 
  • $825 group of 3 
  • $962.50 group of 4
  • $1,100 group of 5


  • $1750 one adult (one bed/shared space)
  • $2750 two adults (1bed
  • $3300 group of 3 (2 beds) 
  • $3850 group of 4 (2-3 beds)
  • $4400 group of 5 (3-4 beds)

***US Based Flights Add-on: starting at $450 per person. Ask for more information***

Included Activities

  • Glistening Waters
  • Snorkeling at Doctors Cove
  • Hip Strip Shopping & Margaritaville Day Party
  • Martha Brae River Rafting

Worry-Free Highlights

  • Transportation to/from Montego Bay airport 
  • Returning Covid Test 
  • In-Suite Private Chef & Meal Selection  
  • $15000 Jamaican Dollar (approximately $100USD)